Amalgamation News

After more than a year of discussions and meetings the South Winnipeg Community Centre Board of Directors has been established and will oversee and provide direction to the Richmond Kings and Waverley Heights Community Centres.

On Monday, November 17th the Board of Directors of both the Waverley Heights Community Centre and Richmond Kings Community Centre were officially dissolved and the new South Winnipeg Community Centre interim Board of Directors appointed at a meeting with officials from General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres.
The goal of the amalgamation is to provide the opportunity to maximize our current resources for the benefit of our collective communities. The new South Winnipeg Community Centre Board will: improve functionality of our Centres; reduce duplication of effort, resources and volunteers; reduce operating costs; and allow us to expand our current program structure.

In addition we expect to: develop new program activities; improve the delivery of the services that are provided; and improve existing, and develop new, partnerships within the community.
We have a strong, community-minded, dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors and a solid staff that are committed to meeting the needs of our growing community.

Over the coming months we will be developing a new website and newsletter to share information and engage with residents. In addition we will be looking for people interested in increasing their involvement and providing feedback on the needs of the community.
This is an exciting time for the South Winnipeg Community Centre and with your support we can be one of the most prominent Centres in Winnipeg.

Chuck Davidson
President – South Winnipeg Community Centre

For a list of current board members please see

Outdoor Ryerson Rinks

Richmond Kings Community Centre’s Ryerson site will once again be opening at the beginning of January for a six week time period. Scheduled opening date is Monday, January 5, 2015 with the site closing down on Thursday, February 12, 2015. The hours of operation will be Monday to Thursday 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

As a result of the reduction in the number of individuals utilizing the Ryerson satellite facility, it has been determined that only the west outdoor rink will be maintained over the January 5th to February 12th time period. This policy will be reviewed at the conclusion of the 2015 winter season.

RKCC Executive

Openings availible

RKCC is still looking for volunteers to fill the following positions:
* Softball Convenor
* Basketball Convenor
* Special Events Coordinator
* Social Director
If interested please contact the club

Fall Fitness Programs

To register for any of the programs listed in the newsletter please contact Recreation Director, Murray Harding @ Please note that for all programs, with the exception of Senior Fitness, Let’s Move, Let’s Dance (formerly Zumba Gold) , a participation fee of $30.00 is assessed. This is a onetime charge for 2014-15. Should you register for the Fall session of any program, you will not be assessed the Participation Fee for the Winter or Spring sessions.